About Perfect Steno

The Perfect Practice Team consists of a team of court reporting instructors who are all California Certified Shorthand Reporters all of whom have taught for many years and have worked in the field using their skills; program developers who have created successful systems used by court reporting students in a court reporting program that produced the majority of court reporters and captioners in California, and a creative group that was able to convert the proven perfect practice materials into the form in which it exists for our Perfect Practice Program.
The Team saw a need to have a way to provide a stress-free easy way to practice based upon positive rather than negative reinforcement and that contained a way to measure outcomes.

Instructors (Alphabetical)

Mary Augustine, CSR

Kathy Genevay, CSR

Yolanda Krieger, CSR

Suzy Metcalf, CSR, CRI

Becky Remsen, CSR, RPR

Development Team

Jean Gonzalez

Kevin Magner

Victor Benkovic


William Dixon

Patricia Mantabe

Creative Group (Alphabetical)

Andelibi, Andy

Benkovic, Victor

Fetcho, Starla