Habit No. 1 Revisited: Gratitude

How similar building speed is to becoming better at any sport or better at playing any musical instrument or developing any skill. I liked Jon Sherman’s use of the habit of gratitude. It is as essential to practicing to build speed as it is to practicing to develop skill in playing golf. You are developing the skill of steno that very few people possess.

Jon Sherman has golfers develop gratitude for being able to play golf at all. Imagine starting every practice session with a feeling of gratitude for having found a way to pursue a career that will change your life in so many positive ways. Imagine feeling totally grateful every time you settle in to begin practicing. Do you realize how lucky you are to have found the career that you begun to pursue.

If you allow yourself to realize how really fortunate you are to be on a career path that can open so many new adventures for you every time, it can put you in a better place where you can enjoy your practice time and practice better. Don’t let your gratitude stop! Fill yourself with gratitude every time you write a paragraph with perfect notes, complete a homework assignment, show up for a class, attend all classes consecutively for a week, practice longer than you did the day before, and so on. Suddenly, you will find yourself feeling much better about the process. If you have any doubts that you should be grateful about this career, read the following article by Cassandra Caldarella found in the Journal of Court Reporting.

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Posted on The JCR, July 16, 2018