Medical Realtime Theory Workbook Book 4


The Medical Realtime Theory Workbook are designed to apply the theory concepts of the RWG Theory to approximately 200 prefixes, roots, and suffixes, creating a unique medical theory for writing medical terminology.  Learning approximately 200 prefixes, roots, and suffixes can enable a stenographer to write approximately 20,000 medical terms. 

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Medical Realtime Theory Book 1 contains the Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, and Integumentary systems.

Medical Realtime Theory Book 2 contains the Genitourinary, Nervous, Respiratory systems.

Medical Realtime Theory Book 3 contains the Digestive, Special, Endocrine systems

Medical Realtime Theory Book 4 contains the Hemic and Lymphatic systems, Numbers, Amounts, Colors, and Positions, and Medical Specialties.

Testimonial:  Anne Bonnet Smith, Owner of Huntington Court Reporters in Pasadena, California said that she learned the medical theory because her agency specializes in medical depositions, and she needed to reduce the amount of time in editing and producing medical transcripts and to teach the theory to her reporters.